1. PCOS Solutions Through Chiropractic Care – Part 1

    The human body is a beautiful and insanely complex organism. It’s capable of doing great things. It works in mysterious ways to fuel your mind and makes life worth living through different kinds of happinesses and fulfillments, but it’s also full of design flaws. Weird diseases plague the human race and force us to try strange treatments simply in the name of adaptation. Things that simply sho…Read More

  2. Why Parents Need a Massage

    When we say “massage,” we’re sure you start thinking about relaxing luxury, peaceful surroundings, and major stress relief. However, for those of you with kids, you may be scoffing and thinking, “I don’t have time to get a massage.” We at In & Out Chiropractic in Pueblo are here to tell you that you do have time for a massage, and we are here to make it happen! Why Get a Massage? M…Read More

  3. Melt Your Mountain Biking Pain with Massage

    We at In & Out Chiropractic know there’s nothing quite like riding up through the mountains on a sturdy bike. The scenery is gorgeous, the trails are thrilling, and the rush from the exercise is unbeatable! However, as any regular mountain biker knows, riding through those mountains can leave you with a sore back the next day. Why does mountain biking hurt your back? Many riders, in order to…Read More