A man speeds around the curve on a dirt path on a mountain bike.

jackie-blog_image02-mtn_bikeWe at In & Out Chiropractic know there’s nothing quite like riding up through the mountains on a sturdy bike. The scenery is gorgeous, the trails are thrilling, and the rush from the exercise is unbeatable! However, as any regular mountain biker knows, riding through those mountains can leave you with a sore back the next day.

Why does mountain biking hurt your back?

Many riders, in order to maintain their balance and momentum, hunch over their bikes. While this position isn’t healthy on any bike, it can be especially painful on a mountain bike. This is because you are being bumped all over the place by the rugged terrain underneath your tires. Those of you with weaker back muscles may especially suffer because of the quick compressions of your spine as you ride over uneven surfaces.

What can you do to prevent back pain?

The number one way to prevent back pain when riding your mountain bike is to strengthen your lower back muscles. Your core is the key to healthy and pain-free living, so be sure that it is strong enough to handle your Pueblo mountain biking adventures!

Come see us for a massage!

If you went out on a mountain biking adventure and are now feeling an intense pressure in your back, don’t worry! In & Out Chiropractic is here to help. Massage has been shown to improve the strength and flexibility of your back, which is just what you need before hopping back on that bike. Be sure to call us today to learn more about our Pueblo massage services.

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