Simple, Affordable & Effective

At In & Out Chiropractic, we believe in being a reliable business that our patients can count on to address their back, neck, and spinal issues. That’s why we offer walk-in chiropractic services to the Pueblo and Pueblo West areas, but it’s also why we are committed to being cost effective. Not everybody can afford to pay for regular visits to a typical chiropractor or massage therapist, but fortunately In & Out Chiropractic is anything but typical. Unlike many other chiropractic offices, you can rely on our low prices and exceptionally high-quality services to change your life.

It Pays To Visit Often

At In & Out Chiropractic, you can get multiple treatments for what a regular chiropractor would charge you after just one session. We pride ourselves on providing professional walk-in chiropractic care at a low price, enabling everyone who needs chiropractic care to receive it. No paperwork, no insurance, no waiting, just a simple plan for a pain-free future. And the more you visit us, the more you save! See below for some great offers and package deals on our chiropractic care. For pricing on our massage therapy services, click here. Now you can get the long-lasting treatments you need, instead of settling for temporary relief from an expensive procedure somewhere else.