The human body is a beautiful and insanely complex organism. It’s capable of doing great things. It works in mysterious ways to fuel your mind and makes life worth living through different kinds of happinesses and fulfillments, but it’s also full of design flaws. Weird diseases plague the human race and force us to try strange treatments simply in the name of adaptation. Things that simply shouldn’t go wrong do all the time and a prime example of one of those major glitches is PCOS. Polycystic ovarian syndrome, commonly known as PCOS, affects one out of every 10 women. The disorder stems from extreme hormonal imbalances and causes problems with the metabolic rate as well as other systems in the body. It’s a major cause of infertility, extreme fatigue and weight gain in women to name a few. It’s also the disease that causes mood changes, headaches, and extreme sleep problems. 

For the people that have to live with PCOS, it can feel like a disease that could beat you. While it has symptoms, like every disease, that range from mild to severe, it’s a disease that has such fundamental life changes that it can feel like climbing a mountain as you learn to live with your diagnosis. However, with the right treatment plan in-place, you’ll be able to conquer your diagnosis and live the life you were meant to lead once more. 

PCOS Symptoms

Weight Gain

Thinning Hair From Head

Oily Skin & Acne


What Causes PCOS?

PCOS is primarily a genetic disorder. A woman might inherit it from any part of her family, but usually, her mother also suffers from the same issue. It’s often caused and exasperated by a high level of androgens or male hormones. These are the same male hormones that contribute to baldness and facial hair growth. However, it’s not all hormonal, insulin can at times cause blood sugar levels to become higher than usual and be a cause of PCOS. Usually, women with PCOS are insulin resistant. This leads to weight gain and poor eating habits. As you likely know, type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin levels that are too high. 

Whatever is causing your PCOS, the disease will be manifesting itself in a couple of ways. Tell-tale signs often include fatigue and weight gain, but the usual warning signs include things like unpredictable periods, dark hair growth on the face and neck, hair loss from head, and unusually painful periods. It can be diagnosed based on symptoms alone, however, it’s usually visually diagnosed through an ultrasound. The ultrasound will find “follicles” or swollen pockets on the ovaries that are a direct result of PCOS and the origin of the name of the disorder. 

Infertility From PCOS

One of the major downsides of PCOS is the infertility associated with it. PCOS primarily stops the body from ovulating correctly, which then makes the chances of getting pregnant, which are already impossibly slim, even slimmer. To put it simply, the reproductive organs on the body are not operating properly due to the cysts forming on the ovaries and the increase in androgens in the body. However, this disease with all of it’s small issues that add up quickly can be treated through a complete health plan. While chiropractic care is often viewed as one aspect of any treatment for any disease, your chiropractor can help you create a whole health plan to suit your body’s needs. 

Taking vitamins, exploring an exercise schedule that works for you, and eating right can all help relieve the symptoms of PCOS, but chiropractic care could help even more. Your chiropractor could help you create actionable and easy plans in order to help you pursue and explore healthy lifestyle changes while making a targeting treatment plan for you in-office time, too. 

Ready to Discover Chiropractic Care for PCOS?

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