If you are a weekend adventurer, we applaud you! There’s nothing better than hitting the great outdoors with a tent and a few essentials to escape it all. While the stars, fresh air, and campfire are all wonderful ways to relax, oftentimes camping comes with some extra aches and pains we don’t expect.

Back Pain

While camping means getting in touch with your outdoorsy self, it also means sacrificing your supportive mattress. This can often lead to a night of sleeping on the hard ground, which means back pain and neck soreness that can last for days at a time.

Plan Ahead

The next time you go camping, plan ahead for your sleeping arrangements. We recommend following these tips to ensure you wake up pain-free:

  • Pack a cushion – You can typically purchase sleeping cushions made specifically for camping. This can provide your back with extra support that the ground cannot.
  • Pack a good pillow – Just using a makeshift pillow, like a folded sweatshirt, is asking for neck soreness. Bring a real pillow that will keep your spine aligned and comfortable throughout the night.
  • Avoid stomach sleeping – In order to sleep on your stomach, you need to turn your head to one side to keep breathing all night. Keeping your neck in a strained position like this for long amounts of time will intensify any neck pain you may already have!

Come See Us

If you went camping and now have mild to severe neck or back pain, be sure to come see us! We provide everything you need, from massages to chiropractic adjustments. Call today to learn more!

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