dreamstime_xxl_29150384aWhat is Fascia?

Fascia is a unique tissue in the body, made up of mostly elastin, collagen, and ground substance. The elastin gives you flexibility between the structures of the body, the collagen gives support and strength to your body’s structures, and the ground substance acts as a shock absorber. Fascia covers every organ, bone, muscle, nerve, vein, and artery in the body. It is very dense and woven together like a spider web that connects and supports everything. It is our very own living bubble wrap.

Healthy fascia has the ability to stretch and move without restriction. Over time, gravity, postural habits, trauma, injury, surgery, and repetitive motion cause the fascia to lose its pliability and, as a result, forms inflexible adhesions. Changes in the fascia influence the way the body functions, moves, and repairs itself. There are three main types of fascia:

  • Superficial fascia – The Superficial fascia lies just underneath the skin, blending into the dermis layer. When this fascia becomes restricted it can cause pain, poor skin tone, and affect your appearance. The superficial fat layer in your body which normally should round and smooth your look becomes intermixed in the fascial adhesions creating that “cottage cheese” cellulite presentation.
  • Deep fascia – The Deep fascia can be found in and around the muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels. When this layer becomes restricted it can cause you pain, decrease your flexibility, and can restrict blood flow to areas of your body.
  • Visceral fascia – The Visceral fascia is in the abdomen which suspends the organs and wraps them in layers of connective tissue. Damage to this fascia can affect normal organ function leading to serious problems.

What is the Structural Freedom Technique?

Structural Freedom Technique is very similar to structural integration (Rolfing). The main focus of this technique is working on the fascia to lengthen, stretch, soften, and break up any bound and/or adhered tissue. Structural Freedom will restore your body’s balance, movement, and overall well-being. This technique is used in ten organized sessions over a maximum of twenty weeks. Prior to beginning the 10 sessions, you will be evaluated to determine your specific problem areas and the best approach for you personally.

What Can I Expect During my Sessions?

dreamstime_xxl_32779513dWe will utilize a fascial release tool along with deep manual massage to smooth out the fascia and re-balance your structure. The first three sessions are known as the ‘Sleeve Sessions’ where we work to release the Superficial fascia and get your body ready for the core sessions.

  • The first Superficial session consists of a quick pace and full body massage. Fascial release tools are used on the problem areas to start breaking up the fascial adhesions.
  • Sessions two and three are focused on the feet, legs, pelvis, and hips. These steps establish the foundation on which we can rebuild better posture.
  • Sessions four through seven are considered the core sessions. These core sessions focus on the abdomen, inside of the legs, back, neck, and shoulders. The client should be seeing and feeling improvements throughout the body after the fourth session.
  • Sessions eight through ten are known as the ‘Integration Sessions’. These sessions integrate everything done in the previous seven to stabilize the newly established foundation.

You will notice significant improvements in your body once the ten sessions are over. You will regain lost mobility, flexibility, circulation, posture, balance, and even a reduction in cellulite. Many of the aches or pains you have been living with will fade, and even some weight loss, is common. (Cosmetic benefits are due to the fascial release tool used during sessions. See article on Body Blasting for cosmetic benefits!)

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