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We know fall has just begun, but in Colorado, the snow could be here in just a month or two! If you are an avid skier, or perhaps are looking to try the sport for the first time, we have some tips and tricks to keep you safe.

Does Skiing Cause Back Pain?

As anyone who hits the slopes regularly can tell you, yes! Skiing engages your entire core, including your abdominal muscles and your lower back. If your back muscles aren’t quite strong enough to support this strain, or if you have a pre-existing injury, it can lead to lots of icing in the future. Skiers may also hurt their backs by self-correcting in order to avoid a fall, skiing on bumpy ground, or taking a particularly rough fall.

How Can I Prevent Back Pain While Skiing?

We have several suggestions to keep your back in top shape during ski season:

  • Start exercising now – If you begin strengthening those core muscles now, it’s less likely you’ll sustain a serious injury later.
  • Warm up – Even if you are a seasoned professional, take an easier hill to warm your body up before tackling the rougher terrain.
  • Know your limits – Be sure to stick to slopes you know you can safely ski down without injuring yourself.
  • Get an adjustment – If your back isn’t properly aligned, it can make injury all the more likely.

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